Welcome To The Southern Liberty Store!

Welcome to the Southern Liberty Store, the largest library of speeches and lectures on Southern Heritage and American Liberty in existence!  This library features hundreds of titles on such subjects as the Constitution, States’ Rights, our heroes, and much more!

As Donnie Kennedy, co-author of the national bestseller The South Was Right!, has said, “The South was right in 1861 because America was right in 1776.”  The principles enshrined in both the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and, later, in the Confederate Constitution, are finally being re-examined in a last, desperate hope to preserve liberty here in America – in whole or in part.  Everything made available here at the Southern Liberty Store is with that noble Cause in view.

This is the greatest collection of its kind offered anywhere… and the items offered here are exclusives that you will find nowhere else!

To educate, encourage, and energize you in the Cause to restore our American Republic and the Cause of States’ Rights, we are proud to present… the Southern Liberty Store!

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